Atlantic Ocean photography book by Dolph Kessler

“The Wave – Crossing the Atlantic” (Atlantic Ocean photography)

In this Atlantic Ocean photography book you find 65 photos of the ocean and the waves. In addition to the ocean photography by Dolph Kessler this book contains 2 essays written by  Laura Stoop (art philosopher) and Gerbrant van Vledder (oceanographer and wave specialist). In these essays they reflect on the ocean and wave photographs in the book.

The Wave – Crossing the Atlantic

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Latest news: Scheepvaartmuseum acquires Kessler’s photo collection

From press-release: The Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam has acquired two series of photographer Dolph Kessler; “The Wave-Crossing the Atlantic” and “Around The North Sea”. It concerns 57 and 60 works respectively. For The Wave, Dolph Kessler made two voyages across the Atlantic in 2006 and 2011 (see full press release).

Perfect gift

A signed copy of this luxurious Atlantic Ocean photobook is the perfect gift for people interested in Atlantic Ocean photography,  the sea, waves, wave photography or professional sea photography as such.

Atlantic Ocean photography

Below some of the 65 photos from “The Wave – Crossing the Atlantic”, the new Atlantic Ocean photography book by the Dutch photographer Dolph Kessler. Click on a photo to enlarge. See also the full screen display.

From the cover

The Atlantic Ocean covers approximately one fifth of the earth’s surface. An inconceivable mass of water with an avarage depth of 4000 metres. We are unaware of the enormous mountain ranges, valleys and animal life present within the dept of the ocean. All we really see is its surface. Here, waves roll in their own rythm with every minute, every second offering us a different, entirely unique patterns for millions of years. An instant in  the timeline of infinity. Each photo in this book by Dolph Kessler is an immutable snapshot of this fascinating reality. This is how the ocean used to look, how it looks now and how it will look forever and always.


A homage to the largest and least known surface of the earth *****

The Wave is a unique book of its kind. Landscapes of the sea are not often a subject for a complete book. With The Wave, Kessler made a homage to the largest and least known surface of the earth, recording the magnificence, enormous power and dynamics, as well as the meditative expansiveness of the ocean. As a spectator you smell the vast sea and understand the scary adventures that the Dutch seafarers experienced in the 17th century (see original review).

Merel Huissink

He unveils the ocean’s beauty *****

Kessler’s photographs uncover a world that normally would remain hidden to us or that as such would not be noticed. By focusing exclusively on the ocean during his travels and by considering all the rest (people, ships, whales, birds, etcetera) as distractions, he extracts it from the ‘chaos’. As a consequence, his insight deepens and thus he unveils the ocean’s beauty.

Laura Stoop

A book in wich ocean waves manifest themselves *****

This book by Dolph Kessler beautifully shows the wild variety in wich ocean waves can manifest themselves. His photos display the various moods of ocean waves: from gentle wavelets to a raging mass of water.

Gerbrant van Vledder


  • title: The Wave - Crossing the Atlantic
  • subject: Atlantic Ocean photography
  • pages: 108
  • photos:  65 photos
  • format: 28 x 34 cm
  • price:  € 39,50*
  • photography: Dolph Kessler
  • essays: Laura Stoop & Gerbrant van Vledder
  • graphic design: Gert Jan Slagter
  • printing: Die Keure, Brugge
  • isbn: 978-90-821873-8-0
  • language: english
  • hardcover with linen band
  • © Mauritsheech Publishers, 2017

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Atlantic Ocean photography

The photos in this Atlantic Ocean photography book were taken by Dolph Kessler during two long sea voyages crossing the Atlantic Ocean on board a small scale expedition ship. On the first trip (2006) sailed from the city of Usuaha on the southern point of Argentina by way of Cape Horn and islands such as Falklands, South Georgia, Bouvet, Tristan da Cunha and Ascension to Cape Verde. The second voyage (2011) was from Vlissingen to Spitsbergen, via a few Scottish islands and the island of Jan Mayen. He also made more crossings wich where more limitied in scope. All in all, over the last ten years, Dolph Kessler has spent almost 2 months traversing an photographing the Atlantic Ocean and this photography book is a personal account of those journeys. The photographs have been laid out chronologically, but rather pay hommage to the power of the sea, with the wave taking centre stage.

About Dolph Kessler

Dolph Kessler (Amsterdam, 1950) studied urbanism at Delft University of Technology and presently lives in Friesland in the north of the Netherlands. From 2003-2006 he studied at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam. He is a professional photographer and regularly publishes photos in magazines, newspapers and photohgraphy books. In 2009 he won the "Silver Camera" an annual award for the best Dutch journalistic photo (in the Art, Culture and Entertainment section). Besides being a photographer of the ‘condition humaine’ (the modern man in the social and cultural context of today), he is a landscape photographer who is fascinated by the meanings and significances given to landscape and nature. Dolph Kessler is inspired by photography in the tradition of the New Topographics such as the Americans Stephen Shore, Joel Sternfield and Nicholas Nixon and Europeans like Rob Hornstra, Mark Power and Simon Roberts to name a few.

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