Blog 'The Wave - Crossing the Atlantic'

The new Ocean Photography Book by Dutch photographer Dolph Kessler

Museum acquirs photos

23 November 2018

“Impressive photo
series by Dolph Kessler
from 2020 in the Amsterdam
See press release:

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Review in Pf

11 April 2017

The Wave is a unique book
of its kind, and landscapes
of the sea are not often a
subject for a complete
book. With "The Wave"
Kessler made a ....

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First copy…

13 March 2017

On Sunday, March 6th Dolph
Kessler's new photobok "The
Wave Crossing the
Atlantic"was presented at
Gallery Hoogenbosch in
Gorredijk (neth....

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4 March 2017

Just in time, the books
were delivered on Friday,
March 4, 2017. Here in the
storage at printing company
Douma in D....

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Die Keure

18 February 2017

Today the whole day at the
Die Keure printing company
in Bruges. Together with
Sebastiaan Hanekroot, the

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7 February 2017

During the cultural Sunday
in Utrecht on January 15th,
art gallery Kuub published
poems about the sea by Jaap
Roell and Rienk Wie....

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30 January 2017

Save the date. On Sunday 5
March the Frisian book
presentation takes place in
Hoogenbosch art gallery in
Gorredijk (Netherlands).

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Kuub Utrecht

2 January 2017

The opening of the
exhibition in Kuub, center
of art and culture, takes
place on Saturday 7
January. More information
about this exhi....

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2nd proof

15 December 2016

The preparations for the
book "The Wave, Crossing
the Atlantic" continue
steadily. On January 10,
2017, the 2nd proof at
print shop that....

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