Museum acquirs photos

“Impressive photo series by Dolph Kessler from 2020 in the Amsterdam Scheepvaartmuseum”

See press release: Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam

The Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam has acquired two series of photographer Dolph Kessler; The Wave-Crossing the Atlantic and Around The North Sea. It concerns 57 and 60 works respectively.
For The Wave, Dolph Kessler made two voyages across the Atlantic in 2006 and 2011. This series shows the sea in pure form: all human or animal presence is left out of the picture. Around the North Sea shows what human activity actually does. For this project, Kessler traveled along the North Sea to record how man tries to control the sea and coast, whether he spends free time or looks for commercial gain. Both series highlight aspects of the way in which man relates to the sea. A relationship that is constantly changing. With the Kessler series, the Scheepvaartmuseum is able to interpret this age-old commitment in new ways.

The Wave, the many faces of the ocean

At Dolph Kessler the sea exerts an unprecedented attraction. The sea is a deserted and wild element, infinite and merciless. She inspires us both awe and fear. The sea is overwhelming, an all-encompassing power and elusive for the puny man. The Wave is a portrait of the sea, built up like a wave. A calm ocean slowly turns into a ferocious storm. Then the storm flattens off and the waves calm down again. On the photos of Kessler the viewer experiences the sea at a safe distance. By catching her in view, the sea is, as it were, temporarily tamed. The Wave is expected to be exhibited in the museum in 2020.

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