Terms and Conditions of Sale

Dolph Kessler Photography

  1. By using this webshop “https://crossingtheatlantic.nl” to buy a signed photobook or photograph directly from Dolph Kessler Photography, you accept these terms and conditions of sale.
  2. Dolph Kessler Photography is based in Oenkerk, The Netherlands, registered at the Chambre of Commerce in Groningen, registration number 01107555. The office of Dolph Kessler Photography is located at Sanjesreed 3 9062 EK Oenkerk, The Netherlands. VAT Number: NL061784369 B02.
  3. Webshops of Dolph Kessler Photography allow customers to directly order a signed photo or signed photobook offered by Dolph Kessler Photography.
  4. For all publications ordered through a website of Dolph Kessler Photography, Dolph Kessler Photography is responsible for the delivery and invoicing of these publications.
  5. Webshops of Dolph Kessler Photography are developed to provide its customers the ease of ordering and paying in a digital environment. For logistical and security reasons the amount of articles that can be ordered is limited to one (1) per order. Contact Dolph Kessler Photography if you want to order more than 1 signed photobook or photograph.
  6. By ordering books directly through this website, you agree to use one of the payment methods offered, i.e. credit card (VISA, Mastercard) or IDEAL.
  7. Your order is accepted by Dolph Kessler Photography, upon receipt of payment. Payments are collected on behalf of Dolph Kessler Photography by the secure payment provider Mollie.
  8. Signed photo’s and photobooks ordered and accepted are dispatched at the latest two working days after the ordering procedure. The books are sent to the address you have given in on the order-form on this webshop. The customer ordering the article is responsible for providing correct and full details of the address.
  9. Signed photo’s and photobooks are sent by PostNL. Duration of shipment depends on the country of destination and on the accuracy of PostNL and local postal services.
  10. The ordering party is aware that, depending on the country and location where the order is to be sent, the shipment time may vary between 3 days and 4 weeks (or more).
  11. Based on these delivery times, the ordering party will allow a reasonable time for the photo or photobook to be delivered. When the article is still not been delivered after this time period, the customer will contact Dolph Kessler Photography for further inquiry about the shipment.
  12. Returns can be made within 7 days of receipt of the parcel. Photo or photobook has to be returned at the customer’s expense and received by Dolph Kessler Photography in undamaged condition. The invoice dues will be credited, minus shipping costs and costs for financial transfers payed to Mollie, based on actual costs to third parties.
  13. Returns are to be sent to Dolph Kessler Photography, Sanjesreed 3, 9062 EK Oenkerk, The Netherlands.
  14. Before returning any photo or photobook, you are requested to inform us through our contact-form.

March 2017
Oenkerk / The Netherlands