The Wave-Crossing the Atlantic

The new photobook by Dolph Kessler

The Atlantic Ocean was formed when the tectonic plates of the supercontinent Pangaea slowly drifted apart some 160 million years ago. All we really know is its surface. Here, waves roll in their own rhythm with every minute, every second offering us a different, entirely unique pattern for millions of years. An instant in the timeline of infinity. Each photo in this book is an immutable snapshot of this fascinating reality. This is how the ocean used to look, how it looks now and how it will look forever and always. This book contains, in addition to a selection of 65 of my photos, essays by Laura Stoop and Gerbrant van Vledder (January 2017, Dolph Kessler).

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Some pages in the Book

Photo’s from the book

Below some of the 65 photographs from “The Wave-Crossing the Atlantic”. Click on a photo to enlarge. See also the full screen display.


  • title: The Wave – Crossing the Atlantic
  • pages: 108
  • photos:  65 photos
  • format: 28 x 34 cm
  • price:  € 39,50*
  • photography: Dolph Kessler
  • essays: Laura Stoop, Gerbrant van Vledder
  • graphic design: Gert Jan Slagter
  • printing: Die Keure, Brugge
  • isbn: 978-90-821873-8-0
  • language: english
  • hardcover with linen band
  • © Mauritsheech Publishers, 2017

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